How to Smoke A Cigar: A Beginner’s Guide

There are many men out there, nonsmokers, who feel nervous when handed with a cigar. If you are searching for this content and finally reading this article, you are probably one of these men I am talking about. As more and more sellers like the Sanford tobacco shop sell tobacco, more and more people are also using it, and that might not exclude your boss.

Think of this scenario: your boss invited you into the boardroom and everyone has cigars on their sides to mark the occasion, and one by one, they light their cigars. This could be a fun moment, but the problem is that you are completely clueless about how to light it and how to handle it like you are not a first-timer.

According to Michael Herklots, a world-class tobacconist, “smoking is supposed to be fun,” and the last thing that everyone wants is for you to ruin the moment by lighting it cutting the wrong end.

To avoid embarrassment, we provide you the guide on how to properly handle your cigars.

1. Stop overthinking about your cigar

When you are handed with a cigar, you have three probable actions to it. You can freeze and let them know you do not know anything about it, you can overreact and probably light or cut the wrong end, or you can just be calm and treat the moment as something you can learn and exploit.

The blunder is that when you overthink about it that you start getting intimidated and start to feel you are doing it wrong. This seeps out confidence and will terribly make you look anxious and fluttered.

2. Choose the right cigar for you

Another blunder that beginners tend to do is that they choose a smaller and shorter cigar. The problem with this is that the shorter the cigar is, the closer your mouth will be on the hard portion of the cigar. Pick the long, fat, cigar as it is colder, cooler and long-lasting.

3.Cutting your cigar

Hand-rolled cigars have a cap in order to prevent them from drying out. Removing the cap is an important step to begin good smoking and there is no wrong way to uncap your cigar, so do not feel anxious about it, although an expert recommends that a straight cut should be made by a guillotine cutter.

4. Lighting your cigar.

There are many lighters that are good to light up your cigar including butane, but do not use Zippos. Avoid introducing your cigar with a foreign substance as it will greatly affect the taste it has.

The best way to light your cigar is to take two matches and light them up. Place the cigar in your mouth and puff on it while lighting the other end. Rotate the cigar to avoid lighting it unevenly. When it glows, then you know you are doing it well.

Final thoughts

Cigars are an amazing thing, and there is no wonder why most people like to spend their happy time with a cigar in their mouth. Avoid ruining the moment by doing wrong things to your cigar.